What can Abaset Collections offer?

The main aim of Abaset Collections is to create a bespoke platform for your online collection, so please do get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

We can offer a range of software, ranging from a basic catalogue with free text fields, to a bespoke hierarchical searches with drop down fields, and advanced search features depending on your needs.

We can work either with existing data (even if it’s an Excel spreadsheet), or collaborate with you to accumulate the data from scratch. With existing data, a “data cleanse” may also be beneficial to ensure that the fields all contain consistent variations of spellings for example.

The sky is the limit, so do get in touch to discuss your ideas. Some previous fields included in the Abaset Collections software include:

  • Intuitive search bar
  • Bibliography
  • Multiple image carousel
  • Auction details
  • Previous collectors
  • Associated animals
  • Dates of previous condition checks
  • Hierarchical data relating to provenance
  • Unicode enabled inscription fields to include transliterations of texts
And many, many more!